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Ergonomically "I-Beam" designed and they are satin smooth and super comfortable.
Made to the strictest of tolerances, and fit fasteners perfectly. Made out of premium quality German steel with state of the art machines and robots. Stahlwille's exclusive satin finish will not peel or crack and it maintains its function and appearance for a lifetime.

Wrenches are displayed in sets but may be purchased individually. Go to the set that represents the size you are interested in and use the pull-down to select.

 Stahlwille Style 10 Open End Wrench
 Stahlwille Style 13 Combination Open End Wrench
 Stahlwille Style 13 in Larger Sizes
 Stahlwille Style 14 Long Combo Wrench
 Stahlwille Style 14 Long Combination Metric Wrench,
 Stahlwille Style 20 Deep Offset Set Box End Wrench
 Stahlwille Style 20 SAE Deep Offset Box End Wrench
 Stahlwille Style 21 0 degree offset Metric Thin Box Wrench
 Stahlwille Style 24 Metric Line Wrench
 Stahlwille Style 27 Half Moon Wrench
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