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KTC BR3E ratchet
Kyoto Tool


Since its establishment, Kyoto Tool has remained faithful to its founding principle – “to design and manufacture light, strong, and highly functional tools.” The company has been rewarded for this resolute approach with a record of continual growth. KTC’s reputation for high quality and reliability are proven by their long-term business with Toyota Motor Corporation. Superior quality and original designs have enabled KTC to dominate the tool market. In fact, Kyoto Tool is the number one company in Japan for the variety and quantity of their hand tools. We are showing some of the more unique KTC tools we have imported over the years. We encourage you to go the website WWW//kyototool.co.jp for the latest product information. Note there are some translation issues and prices shown are in Yen and do not include normal freight and duty charges. If you wish to get a firm quotation direct you inquiry to glen@thetoolnetwork.com. Include part number and quantities desired as well as your contact information. We can reply withn 3-5 business days.

 63m Filter Cup - KTC
 KTC TWEE3L Torx® Wrench Set- long flat Double Box-End
 KTC pan splitter, seal splitter, silicone timing chain access tool, J372228
 KTC atp2014 Panel Popper Kit -
 KTC heavy duty composite pry levers
 KTC CCP-190 Click Type Rivet Remover-saves the rivet!
 KTC 35 degree clip removal tool
 KTC Trim Tools "Flat Rate Shipping
 KTC - ATP 2092A Short handle clip removing set a JDM pproduct
 KTC VS4-3 Pick Up Tool
 KTC VL3F-1 Flex Retrieve Magnet
 -KTC - AD101 Connector Removal Tool
 KTC KYTPA5a Parts Tray (special order)
 KTC Parts Sorting Pans (special order)
 KTC gasket scraper set
 KTC axle locknut cape chisle
 KTC PSL-200L plier
 KTC PJ-200& 250 slip joint plier
 KTC Offset Needlenose Pliers
 KTC SOP-173
 KTC SPC310 Replacement Tips
 KTC AE45T Hose Picks
 KTC AE931 and AE932 Clip Pliers
 KTC clamp tool-Apply power of a vise to spring tension hose clamps...
 KTC AP207 Trim Clip Pliers
 KTC PSN-175 Screw Grip Pliers-dowel pin,round head fastener puller/gripper
 KTC EN-21S Diagonal Cutters - Flush Cut Pliers
 KTC BAD75 Pocket Screwdriver
 KTC Tie Rod Puller
 KTC BU381 Ball Bearing Puller System
 KTC .Brake repair socket
 KTC CG617 Clutch Align System - no pilot bearing necessary!
 KTC Brake Tool
 KTC 1/4 in Flex Ratchet- 6 in Handle
 KTC B2107PA Unique Drop-in Palm Ratchet & Socket Kit --Shorter & Stronger--
 KTC magnetic spark plug socket
 KTC B3F-16SP magnetic plug socket w/flex extension
 KTC B12P-16H Compact Spark Plug Socket
 KTC 3/8 deep magnetic 6pt sockets - 6 pcs set 8-14mm
 KTC BR2E 1/4 in ratchet standard size
 KTC BR3FL 3/8 Flex Ratchet
 KTC Micro 1/4 In Flex Ratchet
 KTC Micro Flex Ratchet 3/8
 KTC Square Drain Plug Socket Set
 KTC BR3E Ratchet
 KTC BNS3- Crowfoot Wrench
 KTC AD502-22W
 Oxygen Sensor Socket deep ajustable drive
 KTC Stainless Steel Pan
 KTC HD Blade Screwdriver
 KTC BRM2 1/4 in Flat Fine-Tooth Ratchet
 KTC Adjustable Wrench light weight precision WM series
 KTC AS405 Boot Band Tool factory style crimper for VW/Audi and Asian vehicles CV
 KTC TS305 Offset Open End Wrench
 KTC TMS305 Combination Wrench Set
 KTC AS701 Tie Rod Lock Nut Wrench
 KTC Digital Adjustable Torque Wrench
 KTC Digital Torque Wrench
 KTC GX13R-2 Ratchet Heads
 KTC Hex-Key Wrench Head
 KTC Ratchet Offset Wrench Head
 KTC Cart skt23M
 KTC AE82 cam lock tool
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Safely split the oil and transmission pans.