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Stahlwille Sockets

Made to exceed the standards of DIN 3124.
They fit as tight as a glove and can withstand extreme torque loads. If you have never used German sockets on German fasteners, you will definitely notice a difference. No more sloshing around and rounding off heads of bolts.

All Items

 Stahlwille 40/23/6N - 1/4" Socket set
 Stahlwille 50/23/6- 12 Point 1/2" Drive Socket Set
 Stahlwille 52/17/6 Socket Set - 1/2
 Stahlwille 55/10/6 - 3/4" Socket set
 Stahlwille SF456/13 3/8" Dr. Socket Set
 Stahlwille SF51 1/2" Dr. Deep thin walled sockets.
including the popular 30mm
 Stahlwille 3054X-M14 Spline Socket
 Stahlwille SF41K/5 1/4" Dr. Screwdriver Set
 Stahlwille SF44K/5 1/4" Dr. Hex Socket Set
 Stahlwille SF44/4 1/4" Dr. Long Hex Socket Set
 Stahlwille SF2049/5 3/8" Dr. Long Hex Socket Set
 Stahlwille SF49/7 3/8" Dr. Hex Socket Set. Metric or SAE
 Stahlwille SF49X/4 3/8" Dr. Tri Square Set.
 Stahlwille SF54/4 1/2" Dr. Hex Socket Set
 Stahlwille SF54X/4zx XZN 1/2 dr socket set 10,12,14 & 16m
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