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Stahlwille Torque Wrenches

Stahlwille Torque Wrenches

A technological marvel: world famous for accuracy and reliability.

Because of a unique internal deflection bar system that eliminates the need to zero out the tool after use. The tools shown in this category do not have a spring in their handle, and do not loose calibration if you leave them set.

 SF711NMR/12 Dial Type Torque Wrench
 SF721/5 Torque Wrench. Rapid Adjust Clicker Torque Wrench 6-50NM (5-36 Ft. Lbs.)
 SF721/15 Torque Wrench. Rapid Adjust Clicker Torque Wrench 30-150NM (25-110 Ft.
 SF721/30 Torque Wrench. Rapid Adjust Clicker Torque Wrench 60-300NM (50-220 Ft.
 Stahlwille SF730N New enhanced version of the 730
 SF7380 Protractor 1/2 Dr. Heavy Duty
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Stahlwille makes crowfoot wrenches, line wrenches, box wrenches, bit holders, and torx® tools that can be used instead of the ratchet. Stahlwille also makes torque screwdrivers, single setting torque tools, torque multipliers, testers and a huge variety of other torque tools. More than 22 pages of the current catalog are dedicated to this subject. If you would like to know more you may request information HERE